Xnet Communications GmbH


XSG - Xnet Secure Gate

XSG Management of priviledged administrative remote access. Session recording. Remote Control & Access in heterogenous IT environment. Network & Systems Security. Distributed Architecture.

XDS - Xnet Secure File Transfer

XDS-DX Data Federation automates the process of collecting and delivering data from/to remote locations. Event-Trgigered File Transfer and Scheduler. Massive Deployment of Multi-Media Data. Transfer data at specified times to specified locations with guaranteed delivery.

XDA Xnet DNA - Digital Networks Architecture

Xnet’s XDA-DNA enables enterprise customers to efficiently install and manage large networks and attached devices. The system offers Asset and Change Management for large networks & infrastructures (25.000+ network devices). Leveraging a 20 years heritage of experience, innovation and excellence for enterprise customers.

Network Fabric


DELL Networking

Palo Alto Networks

Pluribus Networks



Xnet Networks offers the construction of computer networks. We do all the work related to the installation and service of wired and wireless networks – popular WiFi networks. Additionally, we configure switches, firewalls and all other network elements.